Beer. La Bodega del Tesoro Oak and Wine


Beer made with fresh barley macerated in our barrels and mixed with 48-month Reserve wine. 33 cl.

Imperial Stout type beer, with the connotations of French oak barrel and acidity of the wine fruit

Color: An Imperial Stout with a black color, but at the same time with transparency giving a nod to the wines.

Smell: Hoppy scents mixed with toast, chocolates, candies and fruit from reserve wine.

Flavor: An exaggeratedly strong flavor like an Imperial Stout that it is, but nevertheless, all the toasts that we have incorporated with the wood, all the acids that we have incorporated with the Reserva wine and all the top quality ingredients for this 10º Super Imperial of alcohol, make the Imperial more balanced and perfect to enjoy an extremely powerful beer.

Pairing: A perfect beer to pair with SPICY and Desserts.

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